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Alignment of Spine and Body

Feel Younger / Fitter and Look Better

More Energy, Better Posture, and achieve Better Sport Performance....  
... instead of slouching, feeling tired, not motivated, feeling aged, pain and aches everywhere, disabled, etc ...

Everything becomes possible with New Break-Through Okano Spinal Alignment Technique....

 Mis-alignment of your body produces tension, pain, rigidity, twist at different body parts, anxiety, depression, irritability, tiredness, cloudy mind and aged looking.

Good alignment of your body brings freedom in your body & mind, good posture, healthy body function, stronger immune system, calmer more stable state,  younger looking, good feeling within. 

Okano Spinal Alignment Technique is one of the most sophisticated procedure to bring good alignment to your whole being. It was created in year 2000 by Mr. & Mrs Okano, and has been developed since then. It is a very advanced form of therapeutic touch for alignment. It triggers all the bones in the spine and all body parts to fall into a perfect alignment, from top to toes. It avoids forceful manipulation completely, and  instead relies on gentle and safe light touches. It works gentle miracles, bringing alignment to bodies in any problematic conditions which were caused by stress, accident, aging, genetic, hereditary or disease. It works well for any age group, fetus, new born bagy to even 85 years old or 95 years old. All body conditions and troubles can be dealt without any trouble or difficulty.

Your spine and tissues may hold a lot of trauma, stress, genetic memories and belief systems. By releasing the unwanted past experiences, you may experience freedom, feeling light in your body and  mind. when the spine is well aligned, relaxation may be achieved more easily.

Compare to other treatment methods :

Spinal manipulation and alignment have been a central tenant of Chiropractic and osteopathy's philosophy and science. They have long understood the importance of spinal alignment and its health enhancing effects on the central nervous system, understanding that this system control all the systems of the body.   Through years of research our very advanced technique has been developed to avoid harsh manipulations. So even babies or aged persons can receive treatment safely and comfortably.

Some techniques do work on the spine and nervous system like Polarity, Touch for health, Acupuncture, etc., but they are not complete enough in their effect to put the bones of the spine back into alignment and to elongate the whole body structure. Okano Alignment technique is created to achieve these two purposes in a easy and complete way.

The most important facts are:
1. When your alignment improves with Okano Spinal Alignment Technique, the New alignment can support you even when you do hard/tough activites. So you won't suffer from the pain you have experienced. In other treatment methoded, you need to go back from time to time to maintenance.

2. Another point is that we don't do maintenance work. It means that Every time you receive a treatment, you will be improving furthermore. Disabled persons can become able-persons, with normal condition, free from pain and restrictions. Some people are happy with this state, and stops further sessions. But, becoming free from pain and discomfort is a small part of our work.
The Most Important Point is after gaining normal pain free state.
You can become much better in all aspects as you continue receiving treatments from us.

We will now explain... using a car as a example. 
Here, you have a car which doesn't function well and breaks down so often. You  have your car fixed and it goes well without any trouble at all. If you are happy with your well conditioned  car, you can stop any more work to your car.  
But you have an opportunity to keep upgrading your car further more. You can change your car from cheap one to more comfortable car, after then to BMW. You can keep upgrading to any car, like Lincoln or Porsche. If you seek speed, you can change to a Rocket car. If you want more adventurous, you can upgrade to a flying car or a space shuttle. 

Our technique can help you to achieve your dream. It doesn't matter whether you have disabled body or non functional brain functions, or unstable mind. If you have patience, you can keep moving toward your dream.

Our aim of work is to help you to become a Person whom you dreamed of.

Fit and strong body which can perform well in various challenging  situations.
Clearer sharper Mental/ brain Functions can help you at home, work, & outdoor.
Stable relaxed mind, Loving warm heart can help you to create better relationships.

Treatment Sessions
You can receive sessions accoding to your situation and preferance. You have three choices: Individual session, Group treatment, Distant treatment 

Individual Session (Two Options)

1. Okano Alignment Technique Only

Each session takes one second to one hour.
You can receive treatments with your clothes on. You just sit on a chair.           

2. Okano Alignment Technique & Bodywork/ Massage Combination

Each session takes one and half hour to two hours.
This is when you want to experiece more complete sense of relaxation.
Sue Okano blends/combines Okano Spinal Alignment Technique and bodywork / massage into one work. This is to assist releasing stresses from muscles and tissues furthermore. 

Bodyworks/ massages can be 

* Non-Massage/ Non-oil Way: Gentle Holistic Pulsing, Thai Massage stretching.
You can receive treatments with your clothes on. Please come with relaxed clothes or track pants if you can. 

* Massage Oil Way: Deep tissue massage, Hawaiian body work.

Group Treatment
A group of people, family, team can be treated at the same time at a set fee. The size of group can be from two people to large group.

Distant Treatment (Two Options)
You can receive alingment treatments wherever and whenever.

1. You can request a treatment session everytime you want/ need.

2. 6 months programme
You will be treated regularly during 6 months. You can keep doing your usual activities - work, study, playing, sleeping. 

Movement education can be done to help changes in your body and mind and also to guide you to a better use of your body.

Some of our happy clients:
Kokila Solanki(sclero derma) Dorothy Warring(bunion) Dan Trail( head injury, brain stroke) John Higgins(he doesn't need hip replacement operations now) Philip Allen( Distant treatment)



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