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Bottle Yacht Instructions
BOTTLE! - Simple (but sophisticated) Footy Class* Model Yacht
Lets quickly make a futuristic radio controlled model yacht from household items and tools!

Bottle model yacht kit


* A (few) plastic (PET) 1.5 litre fizzy drink bottle with a long sloping neck.

* A valve out of a bike tyre tube

* A ping pong ball (plastic rather than acetate)

* A small, light plastic food pottle - 200-250ml, with a close fitting strong lid about 75mm across - supermarket

* Helicopter blade, 210-325 mm - 275mm ideal, symmetric foil. Plastic ok; wood, fibreglass or carbon better!

* Three stainless steel bicycle spokes - 2mm (14 gauge) for mast,  15SWG for rudder, 16SWG forsail arm.

* 500 mm of 4mm carbon fibre tube (kite shop) - fibre glass tube or 3mm rod or 6mm wood dowel, or Al also OK

* A 300mm x 3mm bamboo skewer

* 3mm thick fluted plastic (Polypropylene) sign board (Sign shop) -100x200mm

* Flexible PVC plastic tubing - 300mm of 3mm ID (inside diameter), 4-6mm for rod mast, Hardware store

* Fishing sinker - teardrop or better, torpedo shaped, 7 - 9 ounces (200-250 grams)

* 2 stainless steel paper clips

* Safety pin, washer or small ring

* A large, coloured, thin plastic (LDPE) shopping bag - minimum length 500mm

* Duct tape - for sail reinforcement

* Scraps of coloured vinyl
(Sign shop), or PVC sticky tape

* Scraps of 1mm thin ply or iceblock or coffee stirrer or tongue depressor wood sticks

* Plastic tube lollypop stick - 80 x 3mm - outside any sweet shop

* 300mm thin kevlar thread 10-20kg (Fishing or Kite shop - Dyneema, Spectra)

* A small plastic bead with 2mm or slightly less hole

* A small metal screw eye and a small screw and washer

* Small amount of house paint - Dollar store acrylic craft paint

Scrap of felt and petroleum jelly

* Scraps of light card for patterns


* Bicycle pump

* Electric fan Heater

* Sharp knife - snap off blade  'boxcutter'

* Drill and drill bits
- 8, 2, 3 and 1.5mm

* A pair of pliers with side cutter for bending and cutting wire

* Small soldering iron with sharp tip - maybe flame heated wire in a cork would work slowly!

* Medium grade sandpaper (80-100 grit)

* Contact cement - aromatic, brown, thick glue available from Dollar stores in 30g tubes

* Very small pack of two part epoxy putty - Dollar stores

* Old large screwdriver or chisel and a hammer

* Balloon

* Pair of plastic gloves

* Set square or piece of square card, and a flexible ruler

* Indelible spirit fine tip pen

* Tub and water



* Radio control transmitter and receiver. Any old 2 channel set will do, available second hand cheaply.

* Sail servo. Standard servo for model cars is ok, but heavy (40gms).

* Rudder servo. Small, cheap 9 gram servo. Can use heavier but not necessary.

* Battery.  AA cell holder as supplied with most sets is fine. AAA better to save weight.

* Upgrades: 5-10gm FM receiver; 12-16gm 2kg/cm torque sail servo, 1S LiPo10gm battery

* Switch-Jack power plug & switched socket mounted on pot for off/on & battery charge